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Cannondale Adventures

Mountain Biking Around the Metro Jungle


I bet most of those who own a mountain bike ride it in the mountains. May it be downhill or all the way from bottom to top and back. I bought my Cannondale Trail Six for the same reasons. I wanted to climb a mountain on a bike instead of hiking all the way. But it has been 2 years since I bought my bike and not once have I tried riding it in the mountains.

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Pico de Loro

Climbing the Parrot’s Beak


It was 6 months since my last climb and I am dying to climb again. The last one was a frustration (there were a lot of reasons), but this post isn’t about it though, and it was this same mountain that we (my colleagues and I) tried to climb. So I guess this adventure was made to redeem myself.

I want you to know that this happened more than a year ago. I was too lazy back then to put this into writing and am now trying to write again after months of silence. Well, I was busy at work so I guess I have my reasons.

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Lenovo z470 Crucial M4 SSD Upgrade

From HDD to SSD


I upgraded to Windows 8 in less than a week after it was released. 3 weeks after that I bought a new external drive to store my personal files and movie collection. And another 3 weeks passed I bought a new Solid State Drive to replace my internal Hard Disk Drive. Well, it seemed like upgrading the OS wasn’t enough for me. (I’m still even thinking of buying more RAM – from 4GB to 16GB) What the heck is wrong with me?!

Well, so much for the spending spree. Upgrading the drive wasn’t really that easy. There are a lot of SSD brands in the market that choosing the right one, or the best one, is really quite difficult. First caught my attention was the Intel series. Then there’s the OCZ with, as per some people, more powerful features. But it’s not just the new features that I want but stability and durability. We’re talking about data here. It’s not something you can easily recover if lost. So I gotta choose carefully.

Just when I was comparing the 2 brands, a friend of mine suggested I take a look at 2 more brands – Crucial and Samsung. So there I was back on the  screen and checking out reviews and looking for the best among the 4. And here’s what I found – listed according to who’s best, in descending order.

  1. Samsung
  2. Crucial
  3. Intel
  4. OCZ

I wanted to buy the Samsung SSD but unfortunately there almost aren’t any selling them. Most of the stores have the Intel and the cheaper ones. So I got the Crucial M4.

I took out my laptop’s HDD, replaced it with the SSD and did a fresh install. I thought about just cloning the HDD but the reviews recommended otherwise. It was a quite a long process – installing the OS, the drivers, the updates, and my commonly used software. I need to have more patience.

So how’s the experience? I can say that it’s better than the HDD. The overall boot up process was fast. And the time a software takes to load was relatively shorter than when I was using the HDD.

Was it worth the expense? Still a little pricey for me. But well, guess I was on a spending spree. 😀

Tapsilog Centrale

Angus Beef Goodness

It might be a little late but I want to share this one. It was All Saint’s Day when Rage and I were looking for a place to eat at 1:00 o’clock in the morning. We couldn’t find an open establishment due to the holiday when we stumbled upon this joint near Kamuning. It looked promising so we decided to try it out.

Rage and I had the same order of Tapsilog. I thought it was a little pricey for such a meal but I was hungry so the heck with the price. And guess what? It was good! The beef was tender and juicy. The rice was “okay” but the egg was nicely done. What I really liked about it was the beef fat. Just delicious! Definitely not your usual tapsilog. 😀

Tapsilog Centrale – US Angus Beef Tapa
11th Jamboree St. corner Kamuning Rd.
Quezon City

Lenovo z470 Upgrade to Windows 8

Essential Drivers

I have used Windows Vista for almost 2 years and when Windows 7 was released it took several months for me to get the upgrade. It wasn’t easy since I was using a non-supported HP laptop. But with an unwavering determination and a lot of Google searching, I was able to get the drivers I need to make the machine run the then new operating system. My HP laptop died on me a year and a half after the upgrade (maybe because of its incompatibility :D) and I was forced to buy a new one – the Lenovo z470. It was running Windows 7 so I had no issues installing and running my apps. When Windows 8 was released it was like history repeating itself. Not all of its drivers are updated to run on the new OS. But then, so what? I can always repair the machine, or maybe get a new one – again. 😀

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The Windows 8 Pro Upgrade

Opening Another Window, To An Entirely Different World

I’ve been trying to install this Operating System since the Consumer Preview version was released. But I was so hesitant in creating another partition on my hard drive to install and try it out. I was afraid that I might not be able to merge it back with my existing partition. If I create a drive E:\, I was not sure if the files on my drive D:\ will be retained once I merge E:\ back to it. So I waited. The Release Preview came out, I downloaded the installer and it ate up some of my disk space just like the previous version but never used the poor thing. I was still afraid of losing files if I create another partition.

October 26th, the final version was released. Everyone was looking forward to this day. I looked at my wall in Facebook and saw a lot of people upgrading to the new OS. Aaaaaargh I wanted to try it out!!! Then a new problem crossed my mind. Windows 8 was built for touchscreen devices and unfortunately my laptop isn’t. The thought of using such an OS will take some time to get used to. So I talked to a colleague of mine who has recently upgraded his machine. We had quite a lengthy discussion talking about the pros and cons. But in the end, I still decided to upgrade. So I started to check out the prices. Upgrading from Windows 7 will cost me $39.99. Quite expensive for a cheapskate like me but it was a bargain compared to its original price. But I was persistent on looking for a cheaper way. And that’s when I found the $14.99 offer. It was a way better bargain!

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Mission: Irresistible

Magalawa Island Adventure

Due to weather issues in France, D-Day in Normandy was moved from June 5th to the 6th. And due to shift and provision issues, the B-Day Island Invasion codename Mission: Irresistible was also moved from January 5th to the 6th. This time though there were no decoys, no paratroopers, no backup infantry, just 2 adventurers on a mission with no room for failure. With Him up there as the Supreme Commander, an artillery of prayer and rations of hope for good weather and calm waters, we commenced on our mission.

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